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Searching for people to work with that share the values of making Tennis as accessible as possible isn't as easy as you would think. However Gui and Chanel at Artemik sports clearly communicate how much they want to help the tennis community with the best quality Tennis strings at  affordable prices.

Artemik Sports is a string and tennis gear company founded by two former NCAA players (West Florida, Charleston Southern). Passionate about tennis, we were looking for a way to give back to fellow tennis players.

It all started with a question, "why are reliable strings so expensive, and can we do something to change that?" Turns out the answer to this question was yes. 

Artemik was launched in Summer 2018 with the aim to offer up-and-coming players a performing and reliable string that is affordable to all, as well as a channel to motivate aspiring players of all ages and levels. Our 4 strings are all co-polyester strings manufactured in Germany and are designed to fit a wide range of game styles and needs. We later incorporated overgrips, hats, and clothes to make sure you're ready to play your best tennis! 

Our prices are low because we want to help you, and that is not going to change.

We're here to encourage you to achieve your goals and to keep aiming higher... cause if they can, you can too!

The Artemik Team

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