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Live a better life!

Tennis Coaching

at New Mills Tennis Club


We will get you ready to play a Tennis match in 12 weeks or your money back!
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Tennis at New Mills Tennis Club 

  • 6-9yrs youth coaching  

  • 10-14yrs junior coaching 

  • Adult Coaching 

  • Tennis fit classes TBA

  • Private lessons available 

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Come and try out our coaching you will be happy that your child will be expanding their horizons and learning new skills.

At some venues the coaching and club can be very old fashioned

We can reassure you our friendly and inclusive coaches will make sure your child feels right at home. 

Our tried and tested system -

We are so confident in our system we will get you ready to play a Tennis match in 12 weeks or - your money back!

Rally & Skills scheme of work
Player of the month award Juniors 10+ & Adult
Golden racket award juniors 9&u
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"My son (age 7) said he wanted to give Tennis ago after a trial at school - John and the other coaches really made the sessions fun and I could definitely see some improvement after a couple of weeks as his confidence grew"

Jen, from Oldham

I really enjoyed the session at Denbigh last night. I am so glad I came along - the coaching was great and such a friendly group of people. I really felt 'at home'.

Alison, from Denbigh

We will give you the confidence to play Tennis anywhere!

In some venues you get those outspoken experienced seniors and difficult court etiquette 

It doesn't have to be like that we will help you to feel at home on any tennis court!



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